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We are manufacturers and distributors of solar and LED products


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Our Products and Services

We manufacture a variety of LED lighting and solar photo-voltaic modules and systems for various sectors of the market. We are able to supply solar electrification, together with LED lighting. Our team come out to you and will design the most affordable and efficient product for your need. We offer a turnkey solution from consultation, costing, design, installation, 24 hour technical back up and service and product support and supply.



The rising cost of electricity and the inefficiency in the current supply impact your quality of life, and your security in your home. Long power cuts mean disabled alarm systems, the opening and closing of your gates and adequate lighting around your home. The other factor in rising costs is the limitations on adding adequate security lighting around your home due to the high energy consumption. We provide solutions that will not compromise your security and quality of life. LED lighting consume far less energy and are more durable and you could also opt for solar powered LED lighting outside your home.



We have various LED lighting solutions and Solar power systems for the commercial space. Many commercial businesses are switching over to green energy. This allows their businesses to be more energy efficient, reduce cost, increase productivity (no downtimes ) and more importantly reducing their carbon footprint. Car dealerships, Supermarkets, shopping malls, are now switching over to Solar powered energy and LED lighting. This reduces losses through power failures and overall running costs monthly on their electricity bills.



Industries that have daily targets and high volume production suffer huge losses through downtime when there is load shedding. We have solutions that will reduce their reliance on the grid by reducing their energy consumption in certain areas of their businesses. High lumen LED lighting for their factories together with the integration of solar powered products and the installation of solar panels decrease a percentage of reliance on the grid and keep many essential services operational.



We have a large range of LED lighting for miners working underground. Our products are energy efficient and more durable. This reduces the running costs of these products and enhance the safety underground.


Rural Electrification

The mandate by government to provide basic needs to rural communities and previously disadvantaged suburbs with basic needs is important. The theft of power from the grid impacts on the local municipalities and the safety of the people. Solar and LED solutions products will be customized to provide for this need in our country.


Intelligent Lighting systems

Our intelligent lighting systems could be controlled on site or remotely from your smart-phone. The features improve your home or business security as well as saving you cost. Cameras could be built into your outdoor lighting systems to provide you with surveillance and lighting all in one.



We have small, medium and large scale farmers in our country. The mandate from Government to increase the number of small farmers comes with various challenges. One of them being access to electricity for basic services. Many areas have no electrical infrastructure. Solar power is the solution. We could customize systems for various applications.







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We are manufacturers and distributors.


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Estimated savings based on a projected annual utility rate increase 0f 3.16% over the life of the system. Actual savings will vary. Savings depends on several factors, including product type, system production, geography, weather, shade, electricity usage etc.

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